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The Brylcreem Brothers

Literally hundreds of songs are at the guitar playing fingertips of this consumate performer. He sings and plays it all - ballads, country, rock, originals, sing-a-longs, Irish tunes, Jimmy Buffet style island songs, the Beatles, 50's, 60's, even original parody tunes. Jeff always has the crowd laughing, singing along, dancing, and having a great time.
Jeff has entertained the cruise crowds and locals alike at the popular Hogpenny Pub in Hamilton, Bermuda. Jeff can also be found at various spots in Upstate New York: entertaining solo (and sometimes with his drum machine - Lou the drummer!), and with others adding a bass, second guitarist, and even a saxophone when warranted!

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In the greater Rochester, NY, area at over 150 locations including:

Hatters                 Pittsford Pub            Brighton Restaurant
Flaherty’s 3 Flags      Humphrey House           The Winfield
Daisy Dukes             Applebee’s all locations Lombardi's
O’Loughlin’s            JG Crummers              DrsInn
Overtime (2 locations)  TC Hooligan’s            Merchant’s Grill
Last Laff               Fairport Village Inn     McGinnity’s
Noonan’s                The Filling Station      Pub 511
Dewey Garden Lanes      Village Rock             Scuttlebutt’s
Paddy’s Pub             TGI Friday’s             Dub Land Underground
Retreat                 Rabs Woodshed            Shooters
Granskofsky’s           Thirsty’s                Otter Lodge
Jeremiah’s              JB Quimby’s              Mike’s NY Diner
TC Riley’s              Landing Strip            Caverly’s
Firehouse Saloon        Sheridan’s               JD Oxford’s

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Jeff is available for bookings by contacting:

Jackie by e-mail

Or you may call Jackie Kaspersin Toll Free at: 1-800-816-4262.

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